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Our target is to help you about hotel reservations, daily and more than one week tours, special Turkish Nights and whatever you may want. We do not prefer to explain Turkey's detailed situation or weather conditions. It is too easy to talk about. The matter, our team wants to insistly point on is to make you lived in this country in a dream athmosphere.

First of all you will have guaranteed reservations. Because the copy of confirmed reservation will be sent to you if you give us your fax number.
If you make your reservations on this page and if you wish having a daily tour; only entrance fees and guidance will be paid by you. You will not pay for the transfer and the vehicle.
Maybe you would like to make your reservation yourself. So we help you about your tour programmes whether in Istanbul, Cappadocia or another city / region in Turkey. We can search the most economic tour programme and well educated professional tour guide. Maybe you have a lay-over flight or you have just one or two hours or just half day in Istanbul. This will not be a problem for you but a fantastic time. Please click www.mysticturkey.com

You will find a form in this web-site. This form will give chance to you to create your dream hotel in Istanbul or another part of Turkey. You will write totally your own special interests and requests then we will try to find this hotel in any part of Turkey that you want to spend your time in.

You will not be able to find any information about the hotel rates. The reason can be explained like this: There is a huge amount of hotels worth staying. All of them can not be shown here. And if you want to find a static thing on this web-site you can not manage. We will create whatever you may want together and we will inform you about the rates as early as possible. 

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