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We offer you a wedding ceremony with Turkish culture,either by pool or in country-side style.

How do we arrange that ceremony?

We first welcome you &your guests with a light cocktail & snack.
Then the only thing you will do is to start to be prepared for your wedding ceremony.
Bride and groom .You will be the most attractive couple,won't you?

If you prefer to organize that in spring or summer,it is gonna hold out-door. Dinner is served with the best selection of world- famous Turkish cuisine.Meanwhile , live music will be played any time to make you enjoy your time.
We do recommend you to taste our traditional drink, RAKI.

Belly dancer.

If you ask for her,the answer is 'yes'.
The Turkish Delight also will be ready in your wedding ceremony.
Wedding cake & delicious Turkish desserts ,unforgettable surprises and more.
And our wedding present for you. At your wedding anniversary you will be our guest and you will have free Istanbul tour. And we have one more offer .
If you wish,you can have this free tour with your guests when you come to Turkey for your wedding ceremony.

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