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· You definitely would you like to spend your time in a good quality country that will offer you variety of facilites,
· You'll want to visit one country, but breathe a tousand world,
· The country, that you'll visit, must be the cradle of civilizations.
· The country must have archeological sites if you're interested in cultural tours.
· The country must have good shopping facilites, if you're interested in baazars.
· The country must have religious & holy places, if you are interested in religious tours.
· The country must have many offers for your meetings & congress, if you are a businessman.
· The country must locate on two-continents.
· The country must have easy & comfortable transportation.
· Turkey offers you different category of hotels & real Turkish family house.

Turkey; named Anatolia in ancient times, the country where the golden cradle of all ancient & contemporary civilizations, the country that connects the the continenets, the land that was admired by old nations any time and the country where the great heros passed through.

Turkey, that still hugs the memories of ancient world with its unique archeological sites.

Turkey, the land which homes the capital of Byzantine & Ottoman Empire; Istanbul, the city, where the continents meet. The city, that attracts any nations; the city, wondered by anybody; the city, that still keeps all of its beauties with its stunning remains in old part. Old Istanbul, named also "old city", where the mystic wonders are located, such as St. Sophia, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Topkapı Palace, Grand (Covered) Bazaar, Underground Cistern, Spice Market and more...

Old city, which was settled by Byzas first in the early 7C.BC., old city named "Byzantium", Constantinople, Constantinopolis, Istambul, Estambul, Istinpoli and finally "ISTANBUL". These names reflect a period of over 2600 years. 1600 years of that period as a capital of two great empires of the time, Byzantine & Ottoman.

· Why do you prefer to accomodate around old city?
The answer is you! Because, you do like breathing the authentic atmosphere of this amazing city.
· Why did the Roman gladiators fight & the chariots race around Hippodrome area in Sultanahmet (Old City)
Because, they presumed that you would like to feel, as they were once upon a time ago, their atmosphere by staying in old city.

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